Gas and Oil Boiler Services

Gas And Boiler Repairs

To keep your boiler working safely and efficiently at all times, and to reduce the risk of breakdowns, gas and oil boiler manufacturers recommend your gas or oil boiler is serviced every year. What's more, an annual boiler service can save you as much as 10 - 15% off your household energy bills.

WARNING A faulty gas or oil boiler can be extremely dangerous, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It's therefore best to get your boiler serviced every year to make sure it's working properly.

Power Flush

Modern energy efficient Gas boilers have much smaller components then traditional Gas boiler designs. This means they are very sensitive to anything that could cause a blockage. If a failure occurs where sludge or debris is found present in the new boiler the manufacturer's warranty will usually be cancelled.

All new central heating systems or boiler replacements should be pre-commission cleansed as per BS7593 and Benchmark. This ensures flux residues, excess jointing compounds, mineral oil and other contaminants that can be found in the central heating systems following installation, and that can affect the performance of your central heating system or even cause component failure, are removed. It is vital when installing new condensing boilers into old systems that all sludge is first removed from the system or this could accumulate in the new boiler and lead to premature failure.

Oil Tank Changes

If your home features an oil Aga / Rayburn or features an oil based central heating system you will have an oil storage tank somewhere on your property. Likewise if you are considering using oil for your heating or cooking needs you need to consider the location and implementation of an oil tank. Modern oil tanks are a safe storage medium for your oil requirements. MS Heating replaces old existing oil tanks by removing and replacing to new regulations.

Landlords Obligations

Landlords who don't meet the requirements of The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 can face prosecution and heavy fines. Tenants can also face legal action against them.

If you rent out a property there are a number of legal obligations that you must meet. Failure to comply can result in heavy penalties, so make sure that you keep up to date with current requirements.

Maintain all gas appliances

It is the duty of landlords to ensure that all the gas appliances and flues they provide for tenants' use are maintained in a safe condition at all times.

Enlist approved professionals

Landlords are required to ensure any tradesman who carries out gas repairs or maintenance on any gas installation is a Gas Safe Register approved professional.

Arrange an annual safety check

Landlords must obtain an annual CP12 service proving safety compliance for each property. Upon completion of a successful safety check the engineer will issue the landlord with a CP12 Certificate

Provide CP12 certificate to tenant

Landlords must provide their tenants with a copy of the CP12 certificate within 28 days of the check being completed, and to any new tenant before they move in.

Keep proper records

A copy of the CP12 Certificate must be kept by the landlord for two years.

Bathroom installations

Our aim is to provide you with a complete bathroom refurbishment solution, with free home bathroom quotation, complete bathroom product supply to installation, and all with the minimal amount of disruption and fuss. The whole bathroom quotation and insulation process saves you the trouble of locating and organising your new bathroom.

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